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"Poetry, antidote to petroleum economies", Poetry Daily, 2023


The luscious wingspan of a borrowed name”, Minola Review, 2022

Nominated for Best of the Net anthology, 2023

Protein”, Archetype Magazine, 2022

Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 2023

“Your Mama’s Mothertongue”, The New Quarterly, 2013


The saddest songs are in D Minor”, Brockton Writers’ Series, 2021

“How to season a turkey”, Room Magazine, 2020

“Plague songs for children”, Gloucester Poetry Festival Pandemic Poetry Anthology, 2020

“Vanishing Axes” Qwerty, 2020

“The Widow’s Inventory” Qwerty, 2020

“The Organic Properties of Sand” Qwerty, 2020

“Urdu” Qwerty, 2020

Skin”, Ricepaper, 2019

“Kafila”, Canthius, 2019

“The First Gulf War”, Contemporary Verse 2, 2019

“Hidden Lines”, Contemporary Verse 2, 2019


First cut”, The Bangalore Review, 2020


“The Quartertones of Zuleikha”,     Sukoon Magazine of Arab-themed Art and Literature, 2017

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